PPC (pay-per-click) marketing or paid advertising can be a daunting endeavour on top of the many things you have to manage for your business.

How PPC marketing can help your business

Whether you’re looking to….
✘ Generate brand awareness
✘ Target your audience locally
✘ Expand your reach
✘ Improve your ROI
✘ Increase sales
✘ Generate new leads

PPC marketing is an immediate solution to better position your business in your market.

If done correctly, paid search can bring in a significant amount of business giving you the extra exposure that you might not be getting organically.

There are lots to consider before taking this approach; the budget and time expense it takes to manage an efficient and cost effective campaign can be a disadvantage when managing on your own.

I work with entrepreneurs who understand the importance of paying a premium to work with a specialist in their niche. Building a close relationship and working together on a long-term basis and watching the improvements as we go will be the key to your success.

Helping You Align Your Budget With Your Goals

Deciding how much you are willing to spend each day could be the single most important thing you do when setting up your ads to get the results you want.

✘ Is your top goal building brand awareness?
✘ Getting customers to click your ad?
✘ Driving sales?

We’ll define your Google Ads budget so that it supports your campaign’s objectives.

Here are three ways you can work with me for your paid marketing goals for 

Google Ads | Facebook Ads

Working with a Google Certified Consultant is key to your marketing success. Join the thousand other entrepreneurs that attribute PPC marketing to their success

Review your account and provide a detailed assessment of what you could improve or change.
If your struggling and don’t know what you’re doing wrong or why you’re spending so much on your ads, I’ll assess your campaign and everything from your copy to your creative so you can take better control of your ad campaign and increase your ROAS.

Strategy + Lead Generation System Implementation. (approximately 15h)

Will implement all your creatives and provide feedback on copy and visuals to help improve your relevancy along with the following:

1) Targeted Campaign Setup
2) Keyword Research
3) Ad groups and ads Setup
4) Local and specific targeting
5) Campaign optimization and conversion tracking
6) Provide a better ROI (Return on investment) than what you are getting

Develop copy and creative for you + $197

Partner With Me. Fully Managed, Done For You Lead Generation Service.

✘ Account and campaign set up/creation
✘ Keyword research (Google Ads 5-10 keywords)
✘ Ad design copy & creatives
✘ Geo-location targeting
✘ A/B creative testing
✘ Search or Display ad creation and management
✘ Retargeting
✘ Conversion/lead cost optimization
✘ Quality score optimization
✘ CPC optimization and cost reduction
✘ Overall account performance optimization
✘ Website/landing page optimization
✘ ROI increase
End of the month report
Optional Zoom call to discuss report

**Minimum ad spend budget of $500.

Refer to PPC Management Pricing and Fees Section For Options and More Info

Software experience includes:

Facebook Ad Manager
Facebook Pixel
Google Tag Manager
Google Analytics

Even if you are completely new to online advertising, I will explain everything I am doing. I will also provide an end of the month report that includes the key information to help you make the right executive decisions in the future.

PPC is an extremely effective way of getting yourself noticed online. If you’re a business owner with no time to spare in constantly monitoring campaigns and updating keyword research, it’s ideal to let the pros do it for you.

With the right PPC manager behind you, you’ll see a growth in revenue and spike in ROI.

Click here if you’re unsure about whether digital marketing is the way to go or need direction to improve your business. If it’s new ideas or strategic solutions, consulting would be your best starting point.