PPC Management Pricing & Fees

TIA’s Approach To PPC Management

Every paid marketing campaign is different. The type of work it takes to create and setup any PPC account varies. This depends on the time it requires to set up your account, your needs and budget. An account that prefers to spend $10,000 with 10 keywords varies greatly from an account that prefers to spend $50,000 and 100 keywords. An old account that needs revamping is an entirely different endeavor than taking on a new account.

No Set Up Fees! No Long Term Contracts

TIA doesn’t believe in being stuck with someone. While we know you’ll love working with us, like some agencies, because we work with small business and entrepreneurs, we won’t take any initial set up fees. Something generally unheard of with agencies.

We’ll only require you to fulfill your monthly contract. Therefore, if you commit and pay for the month, that month must be carried out till the next. After the end of the month, if you feel the need to pause your account and your ads, we can do this.

If you decide you want to take over the next month or for any reason want to stop the services altogether, we simply require a 15-day notice according to the contract.

Monthly PPC Management Fees

Whether you’ve chosen to go with Google, Facebook or both, you’ll pay the sum advertising fees charged by the networks your advertising on directly to the provider. It could also be arranged that I can do this for you, leaving you with more time.

You’ll then pay a monthly management fee to TIA (The Image Alkemist) for managing and optimizing your account.

There are two tiers of standard monthly management fees.

Larger ad spends will vary in management fees due to the time required to managing larger accounts.

The fees include your account management, the end of the month report and an optional Zoom call to discuss the status, progress and upcoming strategies to implement or change.

We take an active role in manually managing your account and working within your ad spend budget. We want to optimize your account so that you get a higher ROI, enabling you to increase your ad spend and reinvest if you choose.

The reason this is so powerful is because when you combine this with a strategy like retargeting, the data that accrues is invaluable to your campaign as it allows you to understand your market and buyers and scale your business.

If you’re unsure about where you stand, but know you need to start with PPC marketing, we’re happy to give you a free quote.

Your Account is YOURS.

You own your account. Simple. Most management agencies will claim your account and any data collected during the time of management stated in their terms of service. Because they own the information gathered, they do not transfer that to you when your contract is up and you are left having to start over.

The one thing we understand to be true about paid marketing data, is that it’s an asset to your business. Should you decide to leave TIA’s management service, we won’t keep anything and in the end, you own the PPC account we’ve created or optimized and any data associated with it.

We truly believe in the spirit of the entrepreneur and work to nourish that by assisting in ways that are transparent and helpful.