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We’re looking for some great writers to help us expand the knowledge of what it takes to be an entrepreneur and how to run a small business in this day and age. We know so many of you go through your own struggles and have so much to write about. We want to work with all writers who have a voice, have a goal for writing and a purpose to share it. We’d love to help you do that.

We’re not going to give some hard and fast rules but here are some guidelines to follow. Please read through to the end.

Writing Guidelines

  • You don’t have to be an expert, but you should have some knowledge able to research and experience necessary as most posts are not opinion-based, but rather factual.
  • Have a keyword in mind when you are writing. This helps you and I structure the post when it comes time to optimizing it.
  • Be yourself, be unique and if your writing style is a cross between conversational, professional and with a bit of wit, that’s even better.
  • Be ready to source any and all claims within the body of text (preferably in the proper format) from reputable and credible sources like Academic Journals, Peer-Reviewed papers or health organizations rather than other blogs, Wikipedia, YouTube or the like.
  • Make your sure your writing stands out, has personality and strikes the audience right away rather than dry and to the point.
  • You proofread your work. We use Grammarly.

How to Submit

Take a look at our blog categories and decide what suits you

Select 1-2 keywords for your post

Create the outline of your post in a Google Doc

Be sure the Title of the Post is at the top of the outline

Include your name, small bio with at least one social media profile URL, a writing sample, your outline, keywords and the date as to when you would submit your article

Share with { hello (@) theimagealkemist.com }

We are a small team, so please allow us at least 14 days to respond

By submitting to The Image Alkemist you agree to the terms and any editing and ownership is given to The Image Alkemist, without the right to republish on any site including your own.