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Hi! I’m Faten, a serial entrepreneur, lover of words and a coffee devotee with a restless worldly nature but down to earth Canadian-born gal.

TIA was conceived after earning my degree in Communications. I honored my free spirit and quickly realized I needed to work for my self.

No matter what avenue I took, it always circled back to being an entrepreneur at heart and owning that despite the naysayers or hard work that comes along with it. I’ll never forget the day I literally cried realizing the road ahead.

The struggle is real, as they say. But…

Fast forward six years, I stayed true to my passion. The dedication and self-education into the digital world, building websites, the creative process and the marketing hoopla that surrounds it are my passion all while traveling the world.

From living in paradise spots like Tulum, Thailand, Bali, Paris and now Monaco, the one thing that I carry with me is my love for my online business; meeting new clients around the world and helping them reach the potential they deserve.

I’m sure you’ve landed here because you share the same dream. But now you’re ready to make it a reality.

I’m grateful to help creative Entrepreneurs, small businesses, bloggers and more to create a website and brand for their business with banging web design, refreshing and insightful business strategies and consultations.

When it comes to crafting and honing your skills, I’ll help you get to the high level of business. The place you can say success is waiting for you.

Alchemy is the everlasting and unabated search to be the master of your life. To be better than our former selves. The goal of life and the ultimate reason to love is to love oneself, striving to become greater in everything we do. We are all Alkemists.

The Image Alkemist is a small agency of cheerful digital expert professionals who are obsessed with travel and everything related to building an online business. We know the struggles you face. We faced them too. The confusion, overwhelm and information overload, it can be tough to decipher and then get it right the first time, second or even third.

Your an artist, a crafter and entrepreneur and you love what you do. But how do you go from being an artist to a business person when all the fun is done?

That’s easy.

You come to us. Build a beautiful custom site and get advice from the people who have walked in your shoes. I’ll help you sift through the cluttered ideas and get you onto a clear direct path that you can execute right away. An alchemist alkemist knows how to turn lead into gold. I’ll help you go from confusion to clarity and take your ideas, brand or business from basic to breathtaking.

How does that sound?