Why Getresponse Is The Best Autoresponder For Your Online Business in 2019

Why Getresponse Is The Best  Autoresponder For Your Online Business in 2019

If you’ve ever opted into a businesses email list, chances are it’s probably because you want to keep that direct communication going, and that it’s coming from Getresponse. 

Marketing Sherpa discovered that 72% of Americans prefer communication with companies to happen through email. 

A big factor in how that communication is being delivered largely depends on the tool or medium used. That tool we’re going to discuss is Getresponse. I’ll get straight to the point and say that this isn’t a comparison post or a review per se, but I will get into the very thing that separates Getresponse from the rest and why it’s used and trusted by so many online businesses and marketers today and in the past.

There are a slew of email marketing platforms out there, some great, some horrible and others limiting. After testing and experimenting with a few, Getresponse has been the one that I kept coming back to. I’ve discovered that in order to keep things simple, you need a robust all-in-one marketing platform. One especially designed for the sender and receiver in mind.

Getresponse For Online Business

Getresponse is the most recommended email marketing autoresponder by online marketing professionals and small business owners and is the best platform for any solution in 2019.

How Does Email Marketing Help With My Small Business? 

If there’s one thing you’ll hear about owning a business online is that marketers and bloggers go on about building a list. In short, email marketing is probably the most powerful and personal approaches you can take with your target customers or audience. It’s also a very lucrative practice if implemented strategically.

You have an invaluable opportunity to…

  • Capture who your customers are and then nurture the relationship
  • Communicate directly to them and get personal
  • Provide valuable offers leading to a loyal and on-going client base
  • Create an asset for your business

You’re probably already subscribed to dozens of businesses, keeping tabs on them, learning from them and buying from them. But here’s why it’s personal and how that’s a force for your business. Emails are an essential form of direct communication among businesses and people alike. Your emails can be tailored and relevant to what they want.

60% of shoppers are more apt to buy after receiving an email


Getresponse Full-Stack Features

When it comes to features, Getresponse is chockfull and they never stop upgrading. Let’s get into the main features that make Getresponse is one of the oldest and widely used marketing platform around. 

Autoresponder/Marketing Automation

Creating an automated email marketing series has never been easier. Build trust with your clients and optimize with advanced tracking and analytics, address your objectives and create a workflow just for you and objectives.

Landing Pages

With their super simple drag and drop editor you can quickly create professional, mobile-responsive landing pages with templates and a built-in image editor that will attract the right visitors and ensure higher conversions. Without the need for any technical skill, you have the option to test and analyze with page insights, integrated platforms and embedded content.


Getresponse is the first to introduce a complete webinar marketing solution designed to engage your audience with dynamic presentations, text chat, recordings all tailored to your preferred device. Hosting a webinar is an impactful and cost-effective solution for marketers and entrepreneurs who look to engage, educate or sell to a massive customer base. 

Looking to host a webinar but not sure what to say or how to present? This free script will take you from amateur to pro in minutes, building your confidence and business in no time.


A Customer Relationship Management suite that takes your visitors or customers through every stage of the sales funnel.


A full range of powerful tools that make it easy to market and sell with your online store. Integrate with other platforms, upsell, retarget with cart abandoners, automation templates, get sign-ups, track and report progress and add PayPal buttons to your landing pages.

Forms and Surveys

Tailor forms, surveys and build pages to your unique needs with their List Builder Wizard, Apps and Plain HTML Editor.

Other incredible features include:

  • List building and management
  • Analytics and optimization
  • Design tools and builders
  • Account and campaign management
  • Integrations
  • Enterprise Solutions

Features That Standout


Deliverability is one of the most important aspects when it comes to email marketing. You care about deliverability because the whole purpose of sending an email is to get into the inbox of others and have your subscribers reading it. You also don’t want to be marked as spam. Equally, the level of importance you place on creating quality content affects metrics like open rate, response rate and conversion rate. Two simple factors to ensure a high deliverability rate; the content you send out and the email marketing service you use. Getresponse’s emails receive priority and are whitelisted by all major IPS’s to ensure emails not only get sent but read.


I have preferred Getresponse’s interface over others simply for their ease of use. Unlike Aweber’s complicated setup and Mailchimp’s over-simplified builder, both make it difficult for any beginner to get creative. With Getresponse’s interface, I managed to navigate all it’s features the first time I logged on.

Email marketing is a strategy that one should implement in their new business. But it’s how you use the program that make your strategies a breeze to execute with advanced but flexible tools such as automation and builders. 

Getresponse’s user-friendly interface enables you to preview your emails in both desktop and mobile before publishing. Navigating between menus and features are almost intuitive.

Lastly, if you are a beginner, Getresponse’s 24/7 chat support and Help Center has been a clear winner for me making any challenge a breeze, whereas you need to be a paid user with Mailchimp to have access to their support team.


When it comes to cost Getresponse is by far the cheapest option where a 1000 subscriber list size is $15 a month. As for Aweber at $19 a month you get up to 500 subscribers and well Mailchimp’s cheapest option is free for up to 2000 subscriber list, but with access to a limit of a 30-day email and chat support.

For EVERY Industry

So, here’s the single most important difference you’ll want to consider when choosing the right autoresponder whether you’re a business or giant company with many moving parts. 

From trial and error, to reading the terms and conditions and interacting with countless of marketers… the one thing Getresponse embraces and permits are affiliate marketers

Autoresponders like Mailchimp and Constant Contact have been known for their vague language in their terms and say they “allow affiliate links in the emails.” However, there are no warning signs and when your account gets shut down, it’s too late.

So, for clarity’s sake, while Mailchimp suggests “affiliate links are usually fine to use in your campaigns,” I’ve known many confused affiliate marketers getting their Mailchimp account effectively shutdown permanently for violating their terms of use. What makes the language they use disconcerting is their muddy explanation as to “why they prohibit affiliate marketing.”

Programs that claim to be internet marketing friendly like Aweber or Constant Contact have been met with mixed experiences from marketers. 

As an affiliate marketer, it’s important to always maintain integrity, avoid spamming and hyper-promotion and strictly provide value in your emails complimenting them with a solution to their problem. The intention of your communication should first and foremost be the subscriber’s interest and not the dollar amount you think you might receive. 

Email Marketing Un-Complicated

While you may shuffle through a variety of autoresponders before choosing one, you may notice that even though they “allow” or “limit” the use of affiliate links in emails, you are doing so at your own risk. Most programs can detect whether your primary purpose is to promote or build a relationship. 

Several email marketing programs out there are tailored to specific industries and businesses. They might outline that they allow affiliate links, but will not hesitate to shut down your account without notice.

With Getresponse, you can pretty much guarantee you’re in good hands, regardless of what industry or business you’re in. They understand that a very big part of online marketing today and in the future especially in 2019 which consists of affiliate marketing and global relationship management.

Getresponse is the best choice for any business because they are:

  • Affiliate and online marketing friendly
  • Have a long standing excellent reputation
  • Always improving and upgrading their UI
  • Robust all-in-one marketing solution

So depending on your business, budget and level of experience, there is quite a lot to consider. Email marketing can take a great deal of time and creating emails is a big part of your business. I know I wouldn’t want all my hard work to go down the drain because of an email I sent.

Getresponse Free Trial 

With Getresponse, you have nothing to lose with their FREE 30-DAY TRIAL.

When I first started, it was the perfect amount of time to get familiar with the interface, create  my campaign, test it out, and benefit from their flawless chat support.

Is this your first experience with email marketing? Eliminate the challenge and learn how to plan and send your first email marketing campaign with this easy six-step guide that will get you results.


What email marketing programs are you using? What has been your experiences or thoughts about them? Share your questions and leave a comment below.



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