Funnel Scripts Review: Copywriting just got easier

Funnel Scripts Review: Copywriting just got easier

“How To Get ALL Of Your Sales Letters, Scripts And Webinar Slides, Emails And Ads Written
(In As Little As 10 Minutes) WITHOUT Hiring An Expensive Copywriter!”

Copywriting and What It Is

I’m going to put it simply the way I came to learn it a decade ago, which I think will make understanding this abstract concept more clear. 

“Copywriting is written advertising designed and crafted to get people to act.”

Enter Funnel Scripts for Copywriting.

Why Is Copy So Important?

Content is an important aspect of any advertising medium, but today more than ever the power of persuasion, rests in the synergistic words of online/website copy. While it may not be the most amusing part of creating a site or business, it’s an uncompromising marketing tool you will eventually have to employ. In case you haven’t guessed it, we’re going to make this part of your business a whole lot easier.

It’s your copy that transitions an interested prospect into an intentional buyer.

Always keep that in mind and you’re golden. 

We all know what they say about first impressions. The job of good copy is to attract the audience’s immediate attention, but compelling enough to keep them wanting more. How do you channel desires, drum up emotion and sell all that same time? Know your audience. 

Copywriting is an art, a skill and if applied right, can yield incredible results. But if you don’t know who you’re writing for, if your copy isn’t engaging, or it doesn’t sway your audience, it most likely won’t convert. 

As you can see this can be an intimidating task. If you’re not a marketer or stringing compelling words together isn’t your forte, then writing copy can be tricky, time-consuming and quite expensive. 

Chances are if your reading this post you have a small business, possibly with a website and projects on the go. At some point you have to write headlines, create ads and even emails to your audience in order to establish a relationship with them. 

There are plenty of reasons why hiring a copywriter could be the best thing you do for your business to take it to the next level but also because you realize that when it comes copywriting you are finding yourself in a few scenarios…

  1. You hate writing. You know that all that spelling, grammar and everything in between is just as important as the rhetoric you use and it’s just not your thing.
  2. Even if you do enjoy writing, you know as well as I do, it takes a lot of time.
  3. You didn’t study marketing, PR or communications and so, therefore, understanding the psychology and persuasive techniques that encourage people to stick with you is almost like learning another language.
  4. You know marketing campaigns are crucial in helping you build your brand but have no idea what strategy is best to start with.

In order to grow any business, you’ll need new prospects and copywriters can write for a wider audience. They have the ability to creatively express information and encourage action within their messaging. If you haven’t seen any sales come in, your content hasn’t been converting.

We came to discover there are two ways to generate good copy outside yourself and how it’s never been easier to have your copy done in record time.

Option 1

Hire a Copywriter

A copywriter is going to spend time with you trying to understand your business, goals, market and product–they need to know the background of your business. 

How Much Does a Copywriter Cost?

The reality is…copywriters are good at what they do, and therefore expensive. Most of them charge by the hour rather than scope. Others might even charge a retainer or royalty. Either way, pricing guidelines and the dedicated time can be arbitrary and based solely on the copywriter.

Here’s a glimpse into one copywriter’s process…

“When I start working with a new client, I learn as much about the company as I can. This includes a ton of research. I read every word on their current website and social media accounts, assessing what their current writing looks and sounds like. I pay attention to the existing content’s tone, the products that are being sold, and how they are described. I make a lot of notes on the type of language the client uses. For example, does the content include a lot of slang, or a more formal and classic approach? Once I’ve done a complete “writers audit,” I head over to competitors’ websites and see what they are doing. What are the trends in the industry, and what are they doing differently? Then I take it a step further and start looking at the brand from a customer’s perspective.”

Gauge Agency

As you can see just how much time goes into hiring a copywriter. Now imagine them working hourly.

I’ve done the research for you. A good copywriter can run you about $50 per hour, or anywhere up to $150,000 for a single sales letter. Yes, you read that right.

Here’s a quote I received from a copywriter/agency. 

So if, you’ve ruled out the fact that you don’t have the time, money or the resources to hire a copywriter, then you might want to get excited because Funnel Scripts is your saving grace.

Funnel Scripts - No More Writing Copy

Option 2

Funnel Scripts

Funnel Scripts is a content-generating tool that creates compelling copy seamlessly for your audience. It’s a unique platform unlike anything else and is powerful enough to produce everything but typical, generic copy. You can create content geared towards your audience, their needs and problems. 

What I love most about Funnel Scripts is that it’s easy to use and the more you use it and analyze the content it generates, the more you begin to learn a thing or two about copywriting. It’s user-friendly and as easy as entering the form fields required and you will literally have copy addressing an entire market within minutes from the time you start.

The best part about Funnel Scripts is it’s a web-based software. No need to download anything and the learning curve is nominal. You sign in and create. It’s that simple!

Curious? Check out the webinar to see it in action.

How To Use Funnel Scripts

We all know copywriting plays upon the creative, psychological, emotional and intellectual sides of the human psyche, so one would wonder how a machine can conjure up messaging so intimate. 

Well, I’ll show ya.

One of Many Funnels Scripts

Funnel Scripts uses copywriting best practices and time-tested words, phrases and a combination of incredible age-old strategies to cultivate proven and effective copy.

Headlines are one of them and probably the most important feature of any content. If you’ve lost them here, you might’ve lost them for good. But if you can grab them here, you’ll see how quickly your following begins to grow. Producing gripping headline copy is the first way people will perceive you and then determine how to process the rest of what you offer. Funnel Scripts can create that for you.

So when your creative juices have run dry or you’re a bit burnt out from every other aspect of your business–not only do you have hundreds of headlines to choose from, whether for a hot, warm or cold audience, but you can split test them. 

Why is that important and cool? 

Split testing is natural copywriting territory. It’s a must. In order to know what suits your audience, maximize effectiveness and boost conversions, you must be willing to test small variations of different copy related to a single element. 

When Funnels Scripts generates your copy, you may have over hundreds of scripts to choose from. You could either use what’s given or tweak what you’ve chosen. 

Check out the webinar to see it in action.

Simply enter in the empty fields regarding information about what you offer, your audience and it does the thinking for you! It’s literally never been this easy.

Copy You Can Create For Your Business with Funnel Scripts

Subject Lines
Advertising Copy
Facebook Ads
Sales Letter Scripts
VSL Scripts
Case Studies
Content Creation
Email Scripts
Amazon/E-commerce (product description) Scripts
Lead Capture Scripts
Webinar Optin Scripts
Call-to-action Scripts
Order Bump Scripts

BONUSES they’re giving you…

Let’s go back for a second to when we said that some direct-response copywriters will charge you as much as seven figures just for one sales letter. While very common, it’s a little outrageous if you’re a small business, am I right?

With Funnel Scripts, at a value of $118,500 and well over 60+ scripts, you can increase your productivity and ROI by building your assets in less than 10 minutes, at any given time.

If you feel you’ve been…

  • struggling to write good copy
  • can’t be bothered 
  • simply can’t afford to hire a good copywriter
  • need a tool to streamline your productivity
  • save you time 
  • looking for a cost-effective solution

All while growing your business–then Funnel Scripts should be the ONLY thing you consider.

Check out the webinar to see it in action.

Who is Funnel Scripts For?

Small Business/Entrepreneur
Regardless of what kind of industry you’re in, you will need to employ the likes of a copywriter to effectively market your business.

Internet Marketer
The perfect software for any aspiring online marketer. Funnel Scripts can be used for any kind of content related to your blog or business.

Known to be a copywriter’s secret weapon, to save time all while reworking scripts for personalization.

Here’s What You Get

Unlike before where they charged a monthly subscription, Russell Brunson now offers Funnel Scripts with ‘Unlimited Access’ for one incredible price.

Remember all the above scripts you get and more, all the wizards and trainings.

What’s even better is that you get Funnel Blueprint.

Funnel Blueprint is a feature that will give you a blueprint of any funnel you need.

If you click on a blueprint, it will take you right to that sales funnel within Clickfunnels.

You also get live trainings and coaching every month.

Exclusive Bonus Offer

I’m going to give you a little somethin’ if you sign up with me today.

  • An exclusive COPYWRITING EXPERTS ebook that will give you some excellent insider tips on how to get started writing the best copy, especially when it comes to proofreading the scripts created with Funnel Scripts
  • A FREE 30 min 1:1 consultation to help you with your scripts, funnels or setup
  • Will personally proofread up to 2 scripts for you