Here’s Why You’re One Funnel Away From Exploding Your Business

One Funnel Away Challenge

If you’re selling products or services, your online business needs a strategy. Your customers need a reason and then direction as to why purchase what you’ve got. Haven’t figured out how to do that yet but know you need to make a serious shift?

The answer is a sales funnel.

What does a funnel even mean, what is the concept behind that?

Well you know that as a business owner, you don’t just want readers or visitors to your website, you want customers. A funnel heavily assists with that conversion. Even better, a sales funnel automates the process. Funnels are a strategic marketing method that generates leads for you rather than having you chasing sales. 

Whether you have an online business, need to get your business online or dislike the one you have and struggle to implement the things you need for it…

Then you could just be ONE FUNNEL AWAY from exploding your business. 

Change What You’ve Been Doing 

The One Funnel Away Challenge is basically the accumulation of what marketers and business owners fear, combined into one small package that will push you, guide you and sky rocket your results.

Why the One Funnel Away is essentially the path of least resistance.

Two Comma Club coaches, Julie Stoian will teach you how to build a funnel and Stephen Larsen will hold your hand to make sure you get each task done.

The leaders of the course begin by teaching you how to…

  • Break false ‘beliefs’
  • Create an offer
  • Build your funnel
  • Get traffic
  • Understand the psychology of direct response marketing

Belief is the most important part. You have to know that being successful with your business is more than possible. You’ve probably just been frustrated doing the wrong things or nothing at all. Well, it’s time to get serious. Especially when opportunities COME TO YOU.

Un-complicate Your Business

A funnel is a process where you’re taking somebody through exactly what they need. It single handedly eliminates the need for a sales person(s).

The funnel does everything for you.

Great funnels gives your customers the information they need and builds credibility when you provide them with value and direction they are looking for towards your product.

The One Funnel Away Challenge is designed to get you on a mission like never before, so you understand the fundamentals of what it truly means to be successful with your online business. 

When you get the base core principles of direct response marketing, then funnels become really really simple and easy.

Here’s the breakdown of trade secrets

  • Offer sequencing
  • Offer hacking
  • Power of e-covers
  • Story
  • Squeeze pages
  • Sales form
  • Order form
  • OTO page
  • How to fill your funnel
  • Build out your Dream 100
  • Traffic
  • Paid side of ads

Direct response marketing is successful when you make your offers clear to your customers and take them through each step. The process will work for you and change your business. It will change your life. But you must believe it will.

In a very short time (30 days), this challenge will push you to the place that could take 5 years getting to without a mentor.

Why wait that long?

They go through everything in detail so even if you’re completely new and no idea or have never built a funnel before, now would be the time to get started. 

You have the top power players in this industry holding your hand through every step of the process, keeping you charged, focused and accountable. 

The best part is you get everything for the same price of your daily latte.

One Funnel Away Training Model

This is not like any other course. It’s very action-oriented around a LEARN-EXECUTE! model that gets you confident and motivated like never before.

I wouldn’t wait too long on this one. You have to apply by February 24 as the challenge starts February 25.


In just 30 days…

  • You’ll have your OFFER created
  • Your funnel DONE and BUILT
  • And, traffic entering your funnel

…all in just ONE MONTH.


Still have a a few questions lingering? I’m giving a FREE live 30 minute Q+A sessions.

All you have to do is sign up for your One Funnel Away Challenge through me OR share this post. Make your appointment and attach a screenshot of either that you have done. That’s it!