5 Reasons You Should Never Ignore Your Calling

Never Ignore Your Calling

Persistent. Forceful and unexpected. True but unique to you.

A calling is something that literally calls to you. It’s not even one thing necessarily. Sometimes a calling could just mean being a mother/father, a traveler or coach. It is that thing that calls to you. 

Throughout our lives we might ignore or nudge it away because society has told us it’s silly to dream. That we must be realistic in our choices. That to be an artist, photographer, life coach or mentor is not a job, how would that even work? They might also tell you what you should do. 

Im here to tell you that’s all hogwash. You have a divine right to do what you wish to do. What you’re good at and what feels good to you.

Connecting With a Greater Part of You 

It’s that thing you love doing so much you feel in your element. You crave it more than fear it. It’s so a part of you, it shakes your core and you continually excel. 

It comes natural when you do it, when you think of it. You could go for hours or days and never get bored, tired or even lonely doing it. 

You could call it your passion, your calling, or your purpose. But everyone in time comes to know there is something out there that they love doing. So much that you usually feel like something is missing when you’re not doing it. 

I believe that we all must be selfish, in the way we enrich our lives in order to be there for others. Yet, we must learn when to be selfless always. You’re calling is usually bigger than you. It’s so unique to you, like our fingerprint or DNA, that to neglect it for a lifetime is selfish. To not share the gifts you’ve been given. May be even tragic.

Everyone has something great to give inside them. Believe it or not your calling is your contribution to the whole of what we are a part of. The beauty about learning what our calling is and then going about fulfilling it is when we can begin to live fully giving and sharing to the world we live in.

What I know for sure: There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honour your calling. It’s why you were born. And how you become most truly alive.

Oprah Winfrey

Why We Ignore It? 

Most try to place importance on the practicality of things. While I agree that this is necessary in our day to day lives, this places limits and boundaries on our creative assets. Some feel it’s too challenging, or inconceivable to reach.

Why It’s Tragic

When you ignore your calling, you diminish the greatness of your life. You silence it until it’s either too late or has dwindled and become unrecognizable. Or worse, you reach a breaking point.

I’ve seen people become depressed, unhinged or just completely lost repeating the things they hate doing.

Stop Wasting Time

Live in the moment they say. 

At times the idea of doing what you need to do versus the things you want to might conflict. Where it feels like a double edge sword. When time passes, it becomes a now or never situation where it all comes down to one question…

Is the fear of trying bigger than the fear of regretting not doing the thing you love doing?

We have to go through certain experiences and hurdles to get to where we are or ideally want to be. We have to experience the crap to get to the good. To get to the things we really love doing and from there we work hard at it. Real hard.

Everyone has god given abilities. When you put these skills to use and become a tad obsessed, is usually an indication that is a calling. 

However if there is something you are good at but don’t enjoy all that much, then it isn’t. Either way you know. 

For example, I know how to cook. I can make a filet mignon, just as well as I can make killer lasagna. But do I enjoy being in the kitchen, chopping and dicing? Not exactly. I’ve had friends tell me I should become a chef, open my own restaurant. And they’re right. I would love it and probably be great at it. Unfortunately I just prefer to eat the food, rather than to cook it.

Your Calling Is Your Strength

A calling is a guide. A divine directive to bring us closer to our bliss. To get back to the purity of who we are and to become more obedient to what is already designed within us. 

The gifts you are given are the ones you are provided with to give you that guidance. It requires faith. When Im confused or feeling lost I ask for strength not for answers. I ask for the strength to find the answers. To pay more attention to what has already been given to me and the will to see more than what is. To gain the strength in order to go out there and get it for myself. 

It will nag at you and probably never cease.

It will never leave you.

Mediation can help you figure it out. Give clarity.

What will I regret, if tomorrow were to be the last?)

What captivates you? What are you most fitted to do? What are you intrinsically motivated to do?

Just Stop and Listen

When things don’t turn out the way I expected or the way I wanted, I see this as universal influence. These are signs, sometimes instruction, whether loud and clear or little whispers. I don’t get emotional. In fact, a sense of relief overcomes me knowing something greater is ahead. That what I truly want is waiting for me.

We don’t listen because we are distracted. Most people dabble, or just follow others, rather their own heart. Sometimes, we walk eyes closed because it’s just easier that way. 

Here’s why you should never ignore your calling.


This could possibly be the worst feeling to ever consider. I believe we could change what we want for our lives. But the ironic part is that regret is something that stays with you. You can’t undo the past and go back in time. This is a scary thought because there are no do overs as you get older. But we all know this right? 

Cease the moment and reflect with intention.

Lack of fulfillment 

You most recognize this feeling when you see someone else sharing their gifts. You see the sense of joy they get when doing what they love. The very definition of fulfilment is the “satisfaction of developing one’s abilities or character” or reaching the “the achievement of something desired.” 

Ask yourself if this is something you’d be ok with not doing in your lifetime?

Feeling incomplete or empty

The way I see it, there is no greater feeling than the feeling of completeness or wholeness. Sometimes that feeling could arise from finding your soulmate. But nevertheless if you ignore your calling you will always have a nagging feeling that something else is out there for you. Look for themes, patterns and things that come back to you over and over. If anything, acknowledge the void within you.

We are meant to be creators, not imitators

Creation is what makes this world go round. There is a reason we are living in an age of rising entrepreneurs. More and more people today are starting to see that to create is to live fully. To express what’s inside them, evolve, to share and aid. The coolest thing for me is seeing my ideas come into fruition. Even the smallest accomplishments have brought me the most joy.

Don’t ignore the whispers

This takes some dedication. A first you wont even know it, but the more you pay attention to your body’s smallest physiological responses you will then slowly begin to train yourself to acknowledge even the faintest whispers. When you listen to those inner impulses, you become more in tune with the divine world around you and the people in it. By respecting your intuition, you show a greater respect for yourself.

Now you tell me if you really want to ignore your calling?

I leave you with this,

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They already know what you truly want to become

Steve Jobs