Should I Join a Coworking Space? Yay or Nay?

Should I Join a Coworking Space? Yay or Nay?

Working in a Digital and Creative Era

Have you ever spent time working away on your laptop, promising you’ll have a productive day when in reality it’s a distraction all around? With the growing number of digital nomadic entrepreneurs and freelancers, coworking spaces have become somewhat of ‘saving grace.’ Along with the long sitting hours, loneliness and needed focus that comes with working independently, co-working spaces are revolutionizing the way companies and contractors work. According to Wikipedia, co-working is not just about physical space but also about establishing a community. 

Some of the best coworking spaces around the world have elevated their office game to reflect unique experiences accommodating anyone from travelers to the startup culture. Rather than just an office, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and freelancers can now escape mundane places of work. Coworking spaces connect like-minded individuals in gorgeous environments fully-equipped with amenities that keep you energized.

Coworking spaces operate on subscriptions or day passes, whereas coworking cafes run off of an hourly or purchased product basis. People are thriving in these spaces as they are beneficial in many ways.

If you’re not quite sure whether using a coworking space is for you, don’t fret! We’re weighing in on the good and bad, which we hope would save you tons of research.

Benefits to Coworking Spaces


When it comes to community, you’re surrounded by people like you. Networking is easy and learning from others becomes invaluable. Coworking spaces invite you to share ideas and meet people from around the world who might be in a similar business. Working from a coworking space could provide you the option to bounce ideas off your officemates and even make some new business partners or lifelong friends.


If you’re a solopreneur or freelancer, traditional office spaces don’t make much sense cost-wise. When you operate solo and don’t need a whole floor to yourself coworking spaces are a positive and cost-effective solution. Many places offer a desk, office or even cubicle if that’s your thing and all the amenities or business equipment you need. However, the cost could also be considered a con if your a new business so this would warrant further research.


It can get incredibly distracting working from home. Suddenly those dishes you’ve been putting off just NEED to be washed and don’t even get us started on how Netflix calls your name all day long. Coworking spaces are a creative way to eliminate those distractions so you can be productive. The atmosphere enables focus but when your paying for space, your more inclined to work, making procrastination a thing of the past.


Gorgeous spaces, comfy aesthetic and amenities are something a lot of coworking spaces have to offer. What’s better? Coworking spaces often provide free unlimited coffee, beverages and healthy snacks. I don’t know about you but when you’re working long hours, that’s the fuel that helps us work better! 

Disadvantages to Coworking

Coworking spaces aren’t for everyone. While there are several options (See our Top Picks below) some of them can be loud, not so comfortable and can lack privacy. Here are a few cons we think are the most important to consider.

Noise Levels

With the rising number of people who use coworking spaces today comes the level of noise. While it can be great to have other people around when you need a sounding board, the noise level can make it hard to concentrate on your work.


Most of these spaces are not equipped with fluffy couches or even proper ergonomic chairs. In fact, you’ll notice most places come with hard seating like wooden or metal chairs making long work hours unlikely. While this makes for pretty spaces, it keeps costs low as they cut back on certain “luxuries” like fancy ‘office’ chairs.

Lack of Privacy

The other thing to consider is that you’ll be lacking privacy in some of these spaces. When you have other people around who might work in the same field as you or trying to accomplish the same tasks, you might catch yourself guarding your privacy. You never really know who might take an idea or two or whose listening in on your calls. 

More on Privacy

When it comes to privacy, traveling, working remotely and accessing public internet connections, your data is more vulnerable to hackers. Remember to protect your work and information even in “secured Wifi environments.” If you want peace of mind, whether in coworking spaces, transportation terminals, or cafes, Nord VPN is the best app on the planet to give you that comfort wherever you may find yourself working.

Top Picks

Taking these important factors into account we’ve listed our “Top Picks” when it comes to coworking spaces worldwide. We crafted this list with the highest ‘pro’ ratio giving you the best there is. We have firsthand knowledge of these spaces and have done half the work for you when it comes to choosing the right fit. 

If you live or plan on visiting the places below, you might want to bookmark this post for future reference. Book a tour, or get a day pass to see which one you prefer depending on your locale. Industrious is one of the best as they have locations all around the U.S.

These coworking spaces take office work to another level and can be beneficial for temporary or long-term commitments.

Slider image

Biz Babez


Slider image

Onepiece Work


Slider image



Slider image



Slider image

Camp David


Slider image

The Wing


Slider image

Bond Collective


Slider image

Neue House


North + South America

New York

Blender Workspace
Kin Spaces
The Wing
Camp David
Friends Work Here
Bond Collective

Los Angeles

The Wing
Village Workspaces
The Collection
Indie Desk
The Park
OnePiece Work
Dots Space
Biz Babes


East Room
Project Spaces Camden Street
Good Gorilla
Make Lemonade (Women’s)


Inhouse Del Valle
Público Coworking



Lisbon Workhub
Outsite Lisbon _Cais de Sodre
Heden – Graça


Huckletree Shoreditch
Central Working Bloomsbury

London (Co)working Cafes

The Co- Dalston
Work.Life London Fields
Benk + Bo #1


Cozy Corner

Paris (Co)working Cafes

Hubsy République
Café Lomi


MOB Bailén
Sky 4 Office

Barcelona (Co)working Cafes

Felisa CoWork



HUBBA Ekkamai
Hub53 Coworking and Coliving Space
Wolf Coworking Space
Maven Mesh Coworking Space & Cafe


Outpost Ubud Coworking
Tropical Nomad Coworking
Connco Work Hub
The Onion Collective
Kinship Studio

Overall, there are several wonderful co-working spaces around the world. The only way to know if it’s the right space for you is to check them out. If you’re curious or on a lean budget, try them out for a day, or two, get day passes or even hourly passes. If that doesn’t appeal to you, stick with the coworking cafes, our personal favs. I highly suggest that if you’re thinking about making the switch to a co-working space that you try a few of your local spaces out and see which one works best for you.