How this one thing can drastically alter your mood

How this one thing can drastically alter your mood

What are some of the things we know about this abstract concept called “mood?” Let’s break it down. Typically, we know that when we are in a bad mood we might become anti-social or reserved. When we are in a good mood, we want to share ourselves with the world and make things happen.

But do we sometimes stop to think what causes our moods to change?

Several factors could be contemplated, but most people overlook this one thing. Our environment. A little self-reflection can tell us that our environment has a profound way of stirring up chaos within or alternatively provide a sense of peace. This could be related to weather, a professional or home setting. What we are exposed to day in and day out can impact our view on life, people and ultimately our mood.

For the longest time, I’ve played with the thought that weather was the main culprit, and it is. I need constant sunshine. But, there is more to it. The people, ideals we hold and how we dare to live our life is directly associated with where we do it. Does your environment correspond with that?

Until recently, I’ve identified myself as a bonafide “city girl.” It’s all I ever knew. I’m a super social busy bee, so mixing and mingling is my claim to fame. Metropolis’ like Toronto and New York, buzz with creative spirits and that’s what I craved. All the time. The chaos and business were the fun part of growing up. My social circles would expand by day and come together by night. Anyone who lives in a big bustling city can attest.

Here’s the thing. The more I traveled the less I could deny that the world was full of charming, exotic and unbelievably fun and creative places, even wildly different from the next. I just had to figure out where I fit in. Over time, the noise got louder and the older I grew, the less patience I consumed. Especially for negativity. The constant distraction of maintaining a life in the city drowned out any possibility of truly living. Somehow, over the years I would catch myself yearning for the outdoors, to feel the sunshine, the air and it just felt natural to just…be..quiet.

I was never one to go camping, rarely did the cottage thing and skied hardly ever. I just wasn’t into it. I despised winter and loathed the race against time associated with big city living. Always trying to play catch up and when we are finally at rest, its starts up again. It feels a bit unnatural.

This might have to do with my long stint working in closed spaces, but I would catch myself longing for tranquil days, needing fresh air, greenery, and all things natural. It was more of a gradual awareness to break away from all that I had ever known. My ‘aha’ moment came when I decided I would live where I would truly be happy.

At some point, we are forced to face what we’ve always known or what we truly want and then make the decision to own it.

A bit of a bohemian, I knew that my environment consistently determined my inner happiness, to say the least, and where I would reside was in constant opposition to the things that truly felt good to me or my body. I would always notice my skin was better, my nails grew stronger and I always felt better on the inside being in a different climate.

It feels like were constantly being told not to “let things/people affect us” but that doesn’t that become complex when it comes to the ones we love and the places we frequent?

I think as humans we compromise way too much to fit in and we listen to the useless chatter that surrounds us. We stop going for what we truly want and adapt to what is. The minute I came to terms with this and realized how much my environment was affecting me, I headed straight to and Airbnb and booked my long awaited journey around the world to the places that made me happy. Ironically, places I had never been.

With so many great options out there today, it’s a no-brainer.

Living in Bali is a testament to honoring my truth and respecting the voice inside. Even though I am still discovering many things in terms of true happiness such as it’s just as important to look inward as it is to look outward, I’ve realized that being positioned in a place that calms the chaos, I now choose wisely my environment.

I love the saying…”there’s method to the madness.” Well, I say, find your method in a maddening world and make it work. Cliche yes, but this globe is huge and life is short. So decide which place makes you happy and live it!